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Dec 11 '12

S5E6 - Awake

You awaken on cold tile with a splitting headache. Dragging your hands to your face, you go through a mental checklist of parts. Nose? Still there. Chin? No damage. It’s not until you work up the courage to explore the left side of your face that your fingers brush over the hard crystal embedded there. Your eye is gone, pulverized by the crystal eye that drilled its way into your skull. You had known this was going to happen, but you hadn’t been prepared for the reality of it. A piece of you is gone, replaced with unfeeling stone. You force yourself not to think about the details, or the possible repercussions.

Peeling yourself off the ground you find that you are still in The Heart. You must not have been out for very long if nobody locked you up. You look through the archway that leads back into the “statuary” and see something unusual. What looks like a tear in the air is frozen in place with an arm reaching out of it. The white robe hanging off of that arm could belong to almost anyone, what are the chances it belongs to Sotirios? Considering you launched him forward in time in that very room the odds are pretty high. That’s just your luck. Still, you don’t know why he is stuck like that. The rod should work a lot faster.


Dec 5 '12

S5E5 - Bad Intel?

Trusting that your information is good, you lift the crystal eye to your head and press it against your left eye. At first it feels as if nothing is happening. You can feel the cold weight of the crystal on your skin, but nothing more. Just as you are about to resign yourself to bad intel the eye starts to resonate. A sharp ringing fills the air and, while you feel no pain, blood begins to pour from your face. The blood splatters against your hand and pools on the floor tiles. Fear grips you, but you continue pressing the eye into your head and allowing it to burrow.

Something breaks loose and pain wracks your body in waves. You involuntarily let go of the eye and it continues to claw its way into your skull unassisted. You collapse to the floor and are enveloped by unconsciousness.


Nov 29 '12

S5E4 - Inquisitor Sotirios

The very sight of the man fills you with white-hot rage. You close the distance between the two of you in an instant, reaching for his throat. He dodges you deftly and slams his scepter into your back, forcing you to the ground.

"It seems that you are. Maybe another few months of stasis will cure you of this compulsion to trespass. If not, well, there are always more permanent solutions." He looks down at you slyly and drags out the word ‘permanent’.

"I’ll die before I let you turn me into one of your hellish statues again, Sotirios." You spit the words out, holding his gaze as you work the clasp at your side. Your fingers claw at the string and cloth in a scramble to free your trump card, a simple rod with very special properties.

"What have you got. Let me see." Sotirios forces your face into the tiled floor and grabs at your satchel. It was a bad decision on his part because he misses your smirk when he rips the rod from your side. "What is this? Some kind of weapon? You should have known better than to pick a fight with…" Sotirios’ voice is cut off when the rod clicks. A wave of pressure radiates out from the device, causing your ears to pop, and then it clatters to the ground. Sotirios is gone.

You pick yourself up off the ground, grab the rod, slip it back into your satchel and head through the archway and into the heart. The heart is a small, circulor room with intricate black lines painted across every surface. Lying in the center of the network is a small pedestal with an unnassuming crystal placed on top. The Eye of Chronos.

You don’t have much time until Sotirios reappears so you’re going to have to work fast.

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Nov 27 '12

S5E3 - A blinding flash

A blinding flash illuminates the temple. You shield your eyes and leap towards the entrance. The pulse of light lasts only a few seconds, but you can already hear the cries of confusion left in the spell’s wake. Nirox demonstrated the spell for you while the two of you were hunched over maps of the temple painstakingly recreated by memory and eyewitness accounts. Anyone touched by the illusory pulse of light is rendered temporarily invisible, yourself and Nirox included. Let’s see the paladins sort that one out.

You chuckle silently as you make your way through the twisted halls of the temple. The walls are alabaster and show no signs of wear or aging. You steal a glance at your dialglove and see there is only a minute and change until the invisibility wears off. You sprint down the hallways, course memorized through countless hours of preparation. Left, left, left and left some more as you weave in a spiral around the unconventional building. Occasionally you have to make a right or slip through an archway, but mostly your peal around corners with abandon and ignore the halls leading to the quarters and living spaces for the temple residents.

The invisibility wears off and you are left standing in a chamber filled with statues, at least you would think they were statues if you didn’t no better. A chill runs through you as you remember the stasis chamber. Every man, woman and creature in this room is frozen in place. A cruel punishment for some perceived transgression as much as it is a warning for any thief mad enough to pass through this chamber and into the heart of the temple. You steel yourself and walk haltingly through the chamber, patting a large cloth covered lump hanging off your waste for reassurance.

A robed figure steps out from among the frozen bodies. The white robe flutters open as he moves towards you revealing a shining breastplate with the symbol of Chronos emblazoned on it. He rubs his polished scalp with one hand, a casual and dismissive gesture. A wicked looking scepter hangs loosely from his waste.

"I didn’t expect to see you here again so soon. Interested in a little more introspection?"

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Nov 23 '12

S5E2 - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The clerics and their paladin dogs have grown sloppy over the infinite years. Nobody has so much as tried to peer in the windows of their little church since you landed in this place. The temple was fat with wealth and power, a fact your felonious brain honed in on once you recovered from stasis. Things might be different on the surface of the Nexus, but an experienced criminal mind like yours knows that there is always an underbelly and you set out to find it.

You braved back alleys and speakeasies, whispered in the ears of all the right people and put together a plan: steal the Eye of Chronos. It was such a brazen idea. Of all the wealth from throughout the ages that is spirited away in the halls of the temple the Eye of Chronos was the most important. The Clerics claim it is theactual, physical eye of Chronos. They’re a literal bunch, no mind for subtlety or metaphor. Your own research into the matter says that it is crystal made from pure, condensed time. It doesn’t matter which is right, you want it for its special properties. The Eye can move a man through time. Something with a power like that… well, it just might be the most valuable thing in existence.

A chime snaps you out of your reverie. You tap your dialglove and it whispers, “I am in position.” It’s Nirox, your elven partner in crime tasked with drawing the attention of the paladin guard so that you can slip into the temple unnoticed. “Move in five, four, three, two, one…”

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Nov 22 '12

S5E1 - 5 years…

…or at least they would have been five years if time moved in a sensible direction at the Nexus. It doesn’t. Move in a sensible direction, that is. Here in the Nexus time moves wherever it wants, or at least wherever the Clerics of Chronos and their tight-lipped enforcers let it move. You have seen it go forwards and backwards. Hell, once you even saw it go sideways. It’s maddening.

You’re not from the Nexus, not originally. You fell through a tear in time, slipped through the cracks of the universe and landed smack-dab in the middle of the Temple of Chronos. The Time Paladins did not like that. You spent your first month in stasis.


Stasis, that’s not something you want to think about right now. Not when everything is going so smoothly. Don’t think about being frozen in place, your body stopped and ageless. Don’t think about how they left your mind awake. Merciless, self righteous bastards; you hadn’t even done anything wrong. You would this time, though. The thought of it sets your body alight with anticipation and barely contained glee.

You glance down at your dialglove. It is time.

Reminder: VFA 5 is using a new website for polling. One downside of this new site is that there is no unique link for each update/chapter. Just scroll down to the bottom for the most up to date poll.

Nov 19 '12

S5 Setup

Vote For Adventure S5 is starting now! I know it has been a longer break than expected, but I am back and ready to go.

This time around I am trying out a new website called Anon-kun to manage the game. Check it out here.

I’m not sure how easy it will be to post updates here while using Anon-kun as I’m still figuring out the website. As far as I can tell it isn’t possible to link directly to the updates.

Jul 3 '12

S4E31 - Sludge

You slip on the slick remains of the Watchers on your way to the gnome’s side. The creamy violet sludge slurps between your fingers as you push yourself back up. You proceed more carefully after that, the jelly drips from you as you go.

Once you reach the gnome’s side you have to turn him over. Fearing that he might have drowned in the waste you rest your head against his chest and then his face. You hear the steady pulse of his heartbeat and the whisper of breath. The gnome lives. You drag him out of the sludge and rest him on the ground that used to be occupied by the vanished gnomes.

Now that you have him here you are able to spend some time more thoroughly examining him and you find that not a hint of magic or power remains within him. Where once this gnome had a great font of power there is not even the faintest traces remaining. What had the Watchers done? Whatever it was, he isn’t anymore of a threat than any other gnome now.

The gnome begins to stir and you wait for him to awaken. First one eye, then both open and blink wildly. Then the gnome screams. He wails on and on, his cries reminding you of nothing so much as those of a newborn child. Eventually, after the gnomes voice has long since gone hoarse and been reduced to whimpers, he stops. He looks up at you with anguished and fear filled eyes and says, “It’s gone.”

"Your power?"

"My power. Gone, taken from me. Not a drop remains and here I am, not two weeks since escaping my imprisonment, trapped once again. This time my cage is flesh, but it is no less a prison."

"What will you do?"

"Get it back."

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Jun 30 '12

Four-way tie.

Loyal Vote for Adventurers, S4E30 has a four-way tie going right now. I could break that tie and just choose the option I like best, but I’m not going to do that. Jump in there and vote a second time if that’s what it takes to break this tie!

Jun 28 '12

S4E30 - Implosion

The Watchers have pinned the white gnome to the earth with their combined weight. You can hear the gnome’s muffled cries of anger through the eerie silence. You stand and watch the struggle, refusing to aid either side.

The wrestling match continues for what seems like a long time. The end is signaled by what can only be described as implosion. There is a sudden rush of power that crashes in on the writhing pile of bodies and then, all at once, the Watchers melt away. All that remains is the gnome, but he seems somehow changed as he lies there unconscious.